About Horizon

Our Values

Our commitment is to strive and attain excellence on all levels no matter what tasks may present themselves to us. We will achieve this through partnership with our associates, field agents and companies we represent. All those that represent Horizon Insure will conduct themselves in a forthright and honest manner in all interactions with public at large. Above all, Horizon Insure will not only fulfill those objectives that are expected of us, “but we as a company will exceed your expectations.”

Core Services

  • More client time to focus on your business
  • Insurance and financial service plans linked to each other design, structure, and administration.
  • A locally based, knowledgeable and accessible staff backed by resources of partners throughout the region
  • Complete coordination of the client’s programs and financial structure to assure efficient, competitive, and consolidated cost management.

The bottom line is that Horizon Insure is a single resource that provides support for the Client’s company’s changing needs by offering a full spectrum of insurance, risk management, benefit consulting and financial services.


The operations composing Horizon Insure are dedicated to providing fully integrated insurance and financial services by working together, and partnering with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers and financial services organizations. Horizon Insure provides linked solutions to protect and grow client’s assets with insurance, risk management, financial management, employee benefits, and asset management programs. Through this integrated process, Horizon Insure maximizes the value of the total client relationship.


Horizon Insure forms a team of specialists to focus on solutions that best supports your company success.

The following characterizes Horizon Insure:

  • Specialized area of expertise
  • A history of growth and strong market relationship
  • Strong management
  • Current technology platforms

A single source for your company’s Insurance and Benefit needs.

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